In a widely circulated email marketing Bullet Kent M. Harman (eDNA Steward) makes a false statement and a number of incorrect value judgements.  He states:  “TrueAllele and STRMix went “head to head” in New York vs. Oral Nicholas Hillary—and calculated contradictory results…inclusion vs. exclusion… ”

In fact no TrueAllele evidence was ever offered but the email correspondence indicates an inconclusive result from TrueAllele.  I have asked Mr Harman to correct the record and have not heard back.

Mr Harman proceeds to use the words “black box” frequently.  Even accounting for his marketing perspective this is unsupportable.  STRmix will and has disclosed its code.  But more importantly all the algorithms are published.

In the same piece Harman describes Bullet as “exact.”   Perhaps he means precise.  Bullet tracks its pedigree back to my mathematics and has approximations in it like any other solution.

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