6th June 2017 Dr Peter Gill has advised that the replication strategy does not suit Euroformix which ideally requires that the replicates are from the same template and the same injection time is used.  He did obtain a useful run for the pair of replicates:  CO1 7_10 sec_3.hid and D01 10_10sec_3.hid and obtained LR = 24,000.

29th May 2017.  We have now run the profiles in Euroformix and obtained LR = 2.8 billion.  We have asked Dr Peter Gill to check the results.

13th March, 2017 I have run the Hillary profiles in LRmix and obtained 1.5 billion.  LRmix cannot handle forward stutter hence the 6 peaks in forward position need to be in or out.  In this they are in.



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