The Forensic Institute’s website states:  “Closer to home, in our first two cases involving STRMix, the prosecution withdrew the evidence pre-trial when it was obvious that there was to be a serious challenge to the validation of the software in this jurisdiction.”

I am aware of one case involving STRmix and Professor Jamieson that ended with no case to answer because of consent issues.  I cannot locate any other cases.  I am not aware of any serious challenge from Professor Jamieson and have never received any report or any criticism from him. He did demand a long a tedious disclosure process including demands for the code which we granted.  No code inspection ever occurred and as a plausible explanation we were never able to obtain an answer from Alan Jamieson as to whether he could read code.  During this process Alan Jamieson regularly made analogies to Volkswagon, in which case the programmers are alleged to have deliberately falsified the code.  he dropped the analogy when asked if this was his allegation in STRmix.